MAY 9 - JUNE 13, 2020





Initial plans to open a physical exhibition of the artists’ work shifted to a social distancing platform in which each artist postED to BEST PRACTICE’s Instagram account and collaborateD by mail. Once a week, they useD Instagram Stories to improvise videos and Instagram Feed to post finished works. Additionally, Mas G, Tsui, and Vanden Busch circulated three boxes by mail. Each artist contributed to each box to create three different collections of the artists' work in a loose and variable format. The contents of the boxes will later be used to produce a zine.


Each of the artists in Vibratory Efforts has a unique way of experiencing the richness of life and they inspire the viewer to follow suit. Mas G’s prolific engagement with automatic mark-making positions her as an adventurer who visits the wild and brings back what she finds. Mas G describes her process as channeling, and the characters she brings forth are entities; their presence is not so much organized around ego as it is by clusters of energy. Each of the numerous inventive approaches in Mas G’s work expands her world, like reaching the next level of a video game.


C Tsui's interdisciplinary practice, which includes drawing, music, and poetry, wrestles single moments from the continuity of time. Tsui's drawings have a vibrational frequency produced by the tension between writhing marks and quiet forms, between space expanded and space contained. Tsui's recent drawings are repetitions of similar elements in different arrangements. Each iteration has a distinct smell, volume, and tone; they are like a song sung over and over.


Ellie Vanden Busch is a swift capturer of light and a keeper of sunsets. Her gift to the viewer is to help us to remember what we see, to register the ephemeral in our mental databank. Vanden Busch allows her paintings to emerge without force; she is an expert at letting go; likewise, without effort, the viewer can be swept away by Vanden Busch's keen observations.


What will arise from this triangulation of magicians is yet to be seen.