(photo credit Paul Salveson)



BEST PRACTICE was pleased to present get the house in order, which featured new works by Catherine Czacki. The exhibition included works in ceramic, metal, papier mache, found objects, painting, eco resin, fabric, and collaborative sounds.



Big Buddy corner hummunculi

under beaded red vest blue flame


she/they/it in house

yanking threads

mischief of howling pots

moaning awake


seep out your soles

to another hot dawn on the edge


wack down weeds and walk

airstrip foggy groggy

flanked by wild sunflowers, prairie dogs,

snakes who eat kittens


neighbors welding all night

regenerating together with coffee

watching rain barrels barely fill

then grow it all in buckets

except devil’s claw


do a demonstration

green back in nostrils keep red cooled


dried up porch hot springs, peanuts, cow shit

a quarter for a flannel

sunspider hitching a ride


cacophony of birds

annual scarecrow sanctuary

ding some brass announcing nowhere as center

on plains where windy days stay


cracked celadon stool the old road god will fix

chord pull to another year of snow munching



Catherine Czacki is an artist, writer and musician living in Portales, New Mexico. She teaches studio art and art history at Eastern New Mexico University.

Czacki’s Creosote will be available for sale during the duration of the exhibition. Creosote is a 310 page book blending poetry, sculpture documentation, and a found image archive. Edited by Adrienne Garbini.




Audio component provided by Llano Estacado Monad Band, presented here is a continuous mix of the collective’s ‘best’ recordings 2018-2020. Llano Estacado Monad Band is an improvisers collective based in the greater Llano Estacado region of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico. LEMB works following the tradition of Scratch Orchestra, Nihilist Spasm Band, AACM, London Improvisers Orchestra, Daigoretsu & other similarly (sometimes) decentralized and autonomous ensembles. More information and an archive of every LEMB session and performance can be found at