JULY 27 - AUGUST 24, 2019





With Familiar Spirit, Jennings continued to investigate modes of symbolism related to the perils of oppression, revolt, and nature, provoking feelings of both doom and transcendence.


Jennings employs realism to depict scenes that invoke forms of divination. Positioning the Earth as having secrets or forms of mysticism of which we are unaware. Pastel drawings of animals and objects act as portals into a world in which we don’t have full access. The animals depicted watch over a scene inhabited by alarming sculptural figures; ideas of the hunter and hunted can be experienced here along with an imbued aura of the all-knowing.


The figurative sculptures were made in direct response to the issues stated above, in combination with Jennings’ history and research in performance art, questioning the performability of the body and its limits, as well the various political and social climates through which we find ourselves navigating. These works permit a space for contemplation.


Angie Jennings is an artist who investigates hierarchical systems of circumstance, often employing strategies of subversion and satire. Notions heavily imbued within her work include identity, isolation, and realms of the mystical. Jennings received her MFA from the University of California San Diego in 2016, a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Studio Art from Brandeis University in 2011, and a BS in Art Education from South Dakota State University in 2006. Jennings is a former student of Performance Art 101 taught by Kembra Pfahler, has attended La Pocha Nostra Summer School, and The Abramovic Method Workshop. Recent awards, performances, and exhibitions include: Every Woman Biennial, LA (2019), Museum of Contemporary Art, SD (2019), Woman’s Caucus for the Arts, LA (2018), Abode Gallery, LA (2018), Human Resources, LA (2017), GLAMFA, Cal State Long Beach (2017), Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, AZ (2017), Artist Television Access, SF (2017), Rijksakademie Residency Interview (2016), Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant Nominee (2016), NADA Performance, NADA Fair, NY (2016), Galerie Christine Myer, DE (2016), LAST Projects, LA (2016), OCHI PROJECTS, LA (2016), Highways Performance Space, LA (2015), The Mingei International Museum, SD (2015), Perform Chinatown, LA (2015), SPF15, SD (2015), New Media Caucus/CAA Conference, NY (2015), Commonwealth & Council, LA (2014), Spinello Projects, FL (2014). Jennings currently holds a lecture position in drawing & art history at National University.